The Lesson of Lauren Pefferle

Even after three years of direct experience with it, I struggle to clearly communicate what I mean by white racial innocence. …

A New Mascot for Gold Hill, Please

When you choose to walk a neighborhood, because you are on foot, you see a lot of details missed while driving through said neighborhood. Being a community organizer, I walk lots of neighborhoods, on purpose.

On the morning of Saturday, July 3, I…

Understanding a White Hostile Environment

She gets it. And, in getting it, I can make myself hopeful. I can see progress. I can see the fruit of social justice in Southern Oregon. A cure for white racial innocence does exist.

Being an activist, I savor these moments. I know they…

General Milley, Your White Racial Innocence is Very Confusing

Something is bothering me. It just don’t sit right with me. I mean, I think you will get what I am saying after I explain myself.

Before I go any further, please let me issue a warning. I have a lot…

The Ordinary Bravery of a Small Town Solution

There is a certain serenity which exists in Ashland, Oregon. It resonates off the Siskiyou mountains; it bubbles along the currents of Lithia Park and it shines from the smiles and warm laughter of the 22,000 residents.

A level of positive consciousness…

Dear White America, Here is a Solution to White Supremacy

(Warning: The following is written in a stream of Black consciousness and will not reflect white cultural thought norms.)

It is Black History Month. That means, for 28 days, you permit yourself to think about yourself in racial terms. I…

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are experiencing a racial moment.

The events of Monday, November 23, 2020 sent a clear message throughout Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley: the Black/Brown male body must respect the “authority of a white man” or suffer death.

It was a Jackson county-wide broadcast.

This message was…

Real Recognize Real Or 
a Tale of Two Candidates on Social Justice

On Friday, October 9, The Ashland Tidings endorsed Tonya Graham, who currently serves on the Ashland City Council, for Mayor this election, November 3, 2020.

Being a small town newspaper, The Tidings does not have a large staff…

Wanted: Racial Healing in Southern Oregon

Thank you for choosing to be a first responder. By being brave enough to read this article and share it with others, you are a first responder.

Most of the persons in Southern Oregon, who choose to read my articles, know about me from…

Kokayi Nosakhere

Black man living in Oregon's Rogue Valley, teaching pathways to greater humanity. Community organizer! Author. Speaker. Workshop facilitator. Royalstar907@gmail

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